Oh K!

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    BODY GEMSTONES 60 stickers for face & body by Oh K!

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    COMPACT MIRROR regular and magnifying mirrors by Oh K!

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    COOLING EYE PADS glitter filled gel pads by Oh K!

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    GOLD GLOW PEEL OFF mix your own face mask 80 gr by Oh K!

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  • GRAFFITI NAILS KIT 25 pcs by Oh K!

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  • HAND CREAM cherry blossom fragance by Oh K!

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  • MIRROR BRUSH detangle brush with mirror by Oh K!

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  • PEEL OFF LIP BALM STAIN long lasting lip color 2 x 4,5 gr by Oh K!

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    PEEL OFF NAIL POLISH paint, peel & repeat x 3 colours 4 ml. by Oh K!

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    SHATTERED NAILS sheet 120 faceted nail stickers & nail tweez by Oh K!

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